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Full text of "Deed, John Billing, Amherst, to Elijah Morton, 1759"

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NOW all Men by thefe Prefents, 7fa*h < <Un fiuf 
(hi* tiki. fiu+trHrv&fty Hityuj^flykiCb (24i*T*t*.u ^—— — J 


In Confideration oft fat-* Ut fhuuf'fritnVj ^[CtM. K-'/ii-CCtiuw ^f-t iy^/i9}i^xj 
Lawful Money paid ,^ l/y ^^ Z ^Z/^^^ / £^^ 

The Receipt whereof *-^-?.* do hereby acknowledge, do hereby give, 

grant and convey to the faid tfifa &_ ,/n^fa*. \? ' c} 


i fu fr^Lr?U-i ' j <\.r/ r, fc^a<', L T ty t tit* &&&&** ;n ~7Au i 4x.Lz>L % f ?l 

1 ' "~A. f/ ft /' 

Pn^zc. <>&& (? l (' 

To Have and to Hold, the fame to the faid it. f C TK- <p Vm 

Heirs, And j/ «^>_ do Covenant with the faid CiZfiK A /TlnfiTTL-t^'h-*-/ 


Heirs and Affigns, That t y Ci *?*- lawfully feized in Fee of the Premifes, 

That they are free of all Incumbrances, That t have good Right to fell 

and convey the fame to the faid ^4*k A fitcifo**. 


i to hold as aforefaid. 

And that j/ will warrant and defend the fame to the faid <?7<ri/irn. VX t/ 

I jlaju. 

Heirs and Affigns forever, againjft the lawful Claims and Demands of all Perfons, 



1/2/ L 





iiAttj&jitw j3cD/v